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Fantastic Art China - Chinese New Year Fireworks on the Hudson Feb 17, 2015


Feb 17, 2015 – Fantastic Art China - Chinese New Year Fireworks on the Hudson
Fireworks by Grucci, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (part of the Chinese Ministry of Culture), and Intently (a Chinese fireworks company), all worked together to create a major fireworks exhibition to help celebrate the Chinese New Year on New York's Hudson River. It was the first time Chinese New Year was celebrated in New York City with fireworks of this magnitude.



In addition to the 20-minute three theatre fireworks spectacular on the Hudson River there were major visual & performing art events taking place throughout New York City from February 17-24 as part of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.  “We joined creative minds and talented teams to really accentuate this remarkable event”, says Phil Grucci, "I have a great appreciation for Chinese culture and we are thrilled to be producing the fireworks spectacular for this year’s Chinese New Year celebration.”
The "Fantastic Art China" fireworks was choreographed to music by the China National Symphony Orchestra and a various mix of Chinese and Western symphony orchestra compositions.
Congratulations and gratitude CAFA and to all the American and Chinese pyrotechnicians who braved sub-zero weather to assemble everything needed for this gorgeous display. 




























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