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Los Angeles Grand Opening of OUE Skyspace Jun 25, 2016

Los Angeles, June 25th 2016 - Another historic "Fireworks by Grucci" event displayed on June 25th 2016 from the new US Bank Tower. The grand opening of OUE Skyspace in Los Angeles was the first fireworks show ever on a commercial building in Downtown Los Angeles.

One of the unique attractions of this building is the glass slide that takes you from the 70th floor down to the 69th floor on the outside of the building.




To the Grucci team:


"On behalf of the team at Extraordinary Events, we would like to thank you for your participation at the OUE Skyspace LA Grand Opening events in Los Angeles, California. On a scale of 1-100 OUE said you were the 100 of the experience. And you were. As we've always said, we work with the best . . . and the best is YOU!


Congratulations on the wonderful accomplishment of winning over all of downtown Los Angeles. . . We at Extraordinary Events know that we cannot do what we do without our valued partners and we look forward to working together again in the very near future.


- The Extraordinary Events Team: Andrea Michaels (Owner, President), Clint Upchurch (Account Executive), Donna Richardson (Exec. Producer), Taylor Black (Lead Producer), Mairead Delaney (Lead Producer)



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