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Grucci Claims Another Guinness World Record Jan 1, 2018

Al Marjan Island, UAE - January 1 2018, Fireworks by Grucci enters the Guinness Book of World Records for the fifth time with the World's Largest Aerial Fireworks Shell. The show was produced and launched by Al Marjan Island and Fireworks by Grucci on Al Marjan Island, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE.




• Weight of fireworks deployed – 1,089.545kg (2,397lbs)

• Inside diameter of mortar – 1,524 mm (60”)

• Height reached from the ground (top of the flower effect) - 1,127 meters (3,719ft)

• Inner chamber length of mortar – 6.76 meters (22’ 2.25”)

• Time taken to reach apex – 13.1 seconds

• Height to the center of burst – 691m (2,280ft)

• Total diameter of the firework when launched and displayed – 690 meters (2,277 ft) 

• Number of comet stars inside the shell - 390

• Size of the comet stars – 100 mm

• Design, engineering, and implementation: Designed by Phil Grucci, Engineered and Produced by Fireworks by Grucci



The Shell weighed in at 2,397 lbs (1,089.6 kg) with a diameter of 60 inches (1,524 mm) and contained 390 Comets measuring at 100mm each.




The Mortar measured at 22' 2.25" (6.76 meters) with a weight of 13.2 tons (26,400 lbs).




Phil Grucci and Abdullah Al Abdooli being presented with the Guinness World Record Certificate for the World's Largest Aerial Firework Shell.









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