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88th Saudi Arabia National Day; Another Guinness World Record Sep 23, 2018

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - September 23, 2018, Grucci sets two Guinness World Records during the 88th Saudi Arabia National Day which was celebrated with a spectacular performance across the entire Kingdom. An amazing 58 different performance locations all choreographed and synchronized together to create the World's Largest Fireworks Display in multiple cities; firing 962,168 devices and breaking the previous record of 810,904 which was set in 2016 during the Philippines New Year celebrations. In addition to the World's Largest Fireworks Display, a second Guinness World Record was broken for the World's Largest Pyrotechnic Image when the Saudi Arabian Flag was realized in the sky with Fireworks by Grucci's exclusive PixelburstTM technology and 300 drones to outline the sword and the Shahada. The entire program was accompanied by national music which was composed specifically for this event under the supervision of the country's first Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdul Mohsin.





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