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Morocco: Sol Kerzner Opens Mazagan Oct 30, 2009































After opening two of the most anticipated resorts in the world within the last twelve months - Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai (setting a fireworks world record as the largest display in history) and the new One & Only Cape Town in South Africa - Sol Kerzner has once again awed his guests at his newest 5 star beach resort and casino, Mazagan, in Morocco. The weekend-long opening was set to be a bounty of culture and entertainment, local pageantry, culinary delights, celebrity red carpet arrivals and a breathtaking fireworks display by Grucci. With a driving soundtrack and firework sequences created exclusively for the event, the 9 minute fireworks performance in the resort’s main courtyard, The Grand Riyadh, was designed and produced by renowned 5th generation pyrotechnic experts the Grucci family. The performance was staged from 30 individual locations surrounding the resort from the beach to the golf course as well as the rooftop and all balconies along the inner courtyard.

Challenged with the fog rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean and a very narrow window of opportunity to perform, Fireworks by Grucci produced what was reviewed by the local Moroccan VIP audience as the best performance ever seen and heard.

"It was our great honor to again be commissioned by Mr. Kerzner and his team to deliver the drama and excitement worthy of a Kerzner grand opening. With the sprawling beach front, expansive golf course, undulating rooftop and decorative balconies, the Mazagan Beach Resort was an architectural gem to perform from" stated Phil Grucci, Show Designer and Executive Producer of the performance.



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